Glued elements

  • Glued wooden panels
  • Glued elements for windows "Scantlings"
  • Glued elements for staircases

Hard fuels

  • Fire starting wood
  • Chopped beech wood in pallets
  • Briquettes for heating
  • Pellets in bags

External installation

  • Garden and balcony fencing
  • Construction wood of all dimension

Wood pellet

Drveni pelet proizveden od kvalitetnog drveta koje dolazi iz kako iz finalne proizvodnje tako i od drveta pogodnog za ogrjev. Pelet je vrlo kvalitetan, a proces njegove proizvodnje se radi po najnovijim standardima u drvnoj industriji.

About us

The company was founded in 1996 when the first factory for primary and final wood processing was established. Nowadays the company belongs to the wood industry and is located in the industrial part of the city Zavidovići, along the river Gostović. Today the company produces great number of different finished goods from wood.